Rion Willard (The Thinking Hand)

The Beethoven Orchestra for Humanity had it’s debut concert on the 8 Feb 2016.

This was a musical experience that ripped through the DNA of every cell in my body. A physical force of sound produced by some the of most prodigious musical talent in the city -unified into a transformational auditory energy under the guidance of talented conductor Michael Young.

The intimate setting under the Menier chocolate factory gave the audience a unique chance to literally inhabit the sound and space of the music. The captivating climaxes of Beethoven’s Pastoral symphony could be felt not just heard as if you were inside the violent thunderstorm which Beethoven had painted. The Second movement of Górecki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs was originally written from the perspective of a child separated from her mother. By setting the piece in the context of awareness for our planet’s climatic emergency, BOH gave the music a pertinent meaning as though we are the children losing our mother earth.

The emotion and heart beats of the players were within touch, the connection between players palpable and the typical conventions of the classical music experience, which can often create an uptight pretense were removed leaving a pure visceral entrance to the power of this music.

Combining this musical revelation with the intelligent and rousing words of the comedian and activist Francesca Martinez, created an evening that pointed towards the remarkable potential each of us has to transform, contribute and empower.

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